"Shrinks made up the concept of 'gender identity' – a totally subjective 'sense of belonging to a particular sex' ... "

The thing is that "gender identity" is not ENTIRELY "subjective". Y'all might consider a paraphrase of a Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) article on personal identity:

SEP (paraphrased): Outside of philosophy, the term ‘[gender] identity’ commonly refers to [feminine or masculine] properties to which we feel a special sense of attachment or ownership. My [gender] identity in this sense consists of those [sexually dimorphic personality traits, behaviors, and] properties I take to “define me as a person” or “make me the person I am”.


The problem is in crossing the Rubicon into "thinking", into thuggishly and dogmatically insisting, that feminine or masculine personality traits -- gender writ large -- is the same as being of a different sex than what one really is.

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Don't forget the Lesbian Separatists like me who have been fighting the trans cult in print since 1973 (and before), in Dykes and Gorgons, where I talked about how the het man Elliott Basil Mattiuzzi stalked me into the Lesbian community after targeting me when I was 17, in 1968. He has more power than ever because of Lesbians betraying Lesbians and puts some of us in real danger. (So few know about the murders, including in my city, Oakland, California.)

Feminism is part of what helped us create Lesbian community when we only had bars, before any books, publications, etc. But for many of us, it was Radical Lesbian Feminism that in no way supported the trans cult or the academic women sell-outs.

I've continued defending Lesbians from the trans cult ever since, in articles, workshops, at conferences, and in the book I co-wrote in 1990 (now updated at my first blog), Dykes-Loving-Dykes.


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Not that I don't see where you're coming from, but the fact that TERFs is used as the signifier for trooncult-opposed feminists, rather than TIFs -- trans-inclusionary feminists -- being the signifier for things the other way around, really is proof enough on its own that feminism helped pave this road to hell every bit as much as liberals and social democrats helped pave the way for revolutionary socialists and the disaster of Bolshevism. Those whom must distinguish themselves from their group do so because they're the ones in the minority, and the notion that the sexes are interchangeable and their differences are either insignificant or socially constructed are hardly minor parts of the feminist movement. They're core tenets.

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They can call anyone a "feminist," but that does not make it true. What you are repeating is the politics used to dilute, erase and destroy feminism, and not real Feminism at all. Just like men can say they are Lesbians, but never can be.

Being a privileged man of course makes you our boss and an expert on our politics and culture, which is classic re-writing truth and history.

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This is almost word-for-word the shit I've heard from dissident socialists whom oppose Bolshevism, or dissident rightoids whom oppose DJT. If you have to use a modifier to describe your place in a group, you're in the minority, and owe it to yourself to reflect on why to whatever the degree your modifier reflects importance to your movement. (A three-nippled feminist would certainly be a minority, but superfluous teats are hardly wedge issues for humanity.)

Given that every prominent feminist and feminist organization that is not explicitly anti-trooncult can be relied upon to turn pro-trooncult,* and given that transexuality has been by some distance the most heated women's issue of the 21st Century, acting as though such happened merely as a conspiracy by pervy males to defraud women is preposterous. If such was the case, every group that wishes to take advantage of women would be in on the action, but you don't see pity-sex-with-incels feminists gaining any traction, even though the societal benefits for such would be higher, and the participatory downsides lower.

Keep in mind, I'm on your side. I think feminism would be a lot healthier as a women's interest movement that accepts the reality of biology rather than a social-engineering project to undo the inequalities of humanity. But that doesn't mean I'm willing to grant that the trooncult has nothing to do with feminism. It's longstanding feminist dogma taken to its logical conclusion. If women can do anything that men can do, and men can do anything that women can do, then it stands to reason men can be women and women can be men, and that we ought never treat man different from woman nor woman different from man.

* Conquest's Law: Writ feminism.

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You aren't making any sense in your desperation to trash feminism. How are me not accepting the reality of biology?

No real Feminist will support the trans cult or any form of patriarchy. And yes, the pervy males are always demanding attention and too many women genuflect to them, but not real Feminists.

You keep lecturing about the fake liberal pretense of feminism as if it's the real thing, while you don't even seem to know what Feminism is. You might as well lecture me about what a Lesbian is, by describing everyone but Lesbians.

You are not on my side if you are doing the usual mansplaining to teach us what you think we need to know about real feminism, not to mention your insults make what you are very clear.

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If a man explaining something objectively true that you don't wanna hear is "mansplaining", the term is meaningless. This "fake liberal pretense of feminism" IS the real thing, because the vast majority of feminists ARE supporters of such, and support such explicitly from feminist principles. This includes even lesbian feminists such as Megan Rapinoe and Nancy Kelley. I would imagine lesbian feminists are probably the least likely to support the trooncult of any feminists other than victims of DV, so the fact that even lesbian heads of what are supposed to be gay-rights organizations can't be relied on to be anti-trooncult, and are indeed among the trooncult's most prominent proponents, and the fact that even I had an easier time coming up with feminist lesbians who support the trooncult rather than oppose it, really ought to give serious indiviuals pause about the connection between feminism and the trooncult.

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That's because you still don't want to know what a feminist is. Megan Rapinoe who supports trans? NO real Feminist supports the trans cult. Simple. She's a liberal Lesbian with a career. You really aren't aware that these women are allowed to be the "heads" of "gay rights organizations" because they do not represent us and are betraying us? We can name each sell out organization that is rich and powerful, from the ACLU to Planned Parenthood. NOT feminist on any level.

Of course Lesbians with careers in gay organizations betray Lesbians who say no to the trans cult and other men as well.

Why not list het women republicans as "feminist lesbians."

We answered in our book. None of these women are feminists.

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What is a “real feminist”?

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Are you a woman?

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It's so dishonest and misleading when "love" is conflated with and substituted for "sex." E.g. "Love is Love." B. S. You just know they have a deception up their sleeve to cover over the cynical lie they're trying to sell. Ditto for conflating being a woman with being a feminist: neither hetro or lesbian women are by definition feminists because of their biological equipment. Look at Nicola Sturgeon, Barbara Findlay, Barbara Olsen, Evan Urquhart, Pat Rice Califia, Nancy Gertner and the list could go on and on...

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Excellent and illuminating overview of the not nearly well enough known historical roots of the TQ cult, especially the feminist contribution. I did not know BJK had so actively supported men in women's tennis and then benefited directly from this stance by teaming up with a male player. Wow. Go sister! I knew something of Steinem's capitulation to the cult, but not her earlier resistance. That 'Third Sex' article man could be Dylan Mulvaney, though he hasn't bothered with the fake boobs - yet. Of course it all comes originally from men in almost all cultures defining women as an entirely different and inferior sex, even defining our bodies as 'deformed' male bodies, Darwin even suggested men are 'more evolved' than women in body and brain. And that ignorant rubbish from actual geniuses comes from men and boys being told, then as now, by the church, culture and state - and in most families - they are in every way superior beings to their sisters, with women relentlessly being cast as evil, justifying and excusing all their violence against us. Men don't understand women because they have effectively discouraged from taking an interest in our minds, listening to us and reading about us in our own voices, but instead read and believe tabloid lies and stereotypes about us and all this brings out the worst in us - and in them. Women read so much more writing, fiction and non-fiction, by men than they read of our writing. Publishers are still more inclined to publish male than female authors, let alone in the past, and this is despite the fact that modern women, in the Anglosphere at least, are now about twice as likely as men to recieve a higher education across the majority of disciplines. Altogether it's quite the sex mess we are in, indeed. But your writing helps. Cheers.

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According to wiki, Dunlap, "was involved in the early work of the National Center for Lesbian Rights."

So maybe NCLR was rotten to begin with, and it wasn't all the fault of Shannon Minter?

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Good or Bad??!! Non sequitur.

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